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Serevance is a world ripe with history, lore, traditions, and stories that differentiate slightly (in other cases, drastically) from Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings you may have familiarized yourself with. Below are links to resources to help you build a backstory, know how the world works, and understand the subtleties of the setting.

Note: In some of these articles you may find Checks (i.e. Knowledge [History] Check) following the base descriptions listed in each article. These Checks reveal more information on said subject. Only one of these Checks may be taken during an in-game ‘day.’

To make a Check, simply message me (tyler_2) which Check you wish to roll on (i.e. Humans: Relations with Dwarves, Knowledge [History] Check), then include the number rolled on your 1d20 bearing in mind you must still be Trained in certain skills to make the Check, unless otherwise noted. This entire campaign is run by an ancient form of trust known as ‘The Honor System.’ For more information click here: The Honor System.

Races of Serevance

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