Serevance: Dust of Bones

Lovely Day

The party awakens rested to a beautifully cool day. The sky above looks tame, and Erumillas confirms the day will be glorious. He takes off in search of breakfast, Alur accompanying him into the forest.

Stec speaks with Chap about the estimated time of arrival to which he responds with, ‘With this weather? No more than half a day. Tops.’

The hunting party arrives an hour later with a small, wild boar. A new fire is kindled and the sweet, succulent meat is appreciated by all as they mount up and prepare for the journey down the canyon cliff-face. Stec leads Haddross down first, with Erumillas and Alur following behind, and the carriage carrying the youngsters bringing up the rear. Once at the base, Stec ties the silk leash of Haddross back to the carriage and the journey continues.

As Chap mentioned, the rest of the journey is smooth sailing. Six or more hours pass, and the party sees the welcome sight of distant smoke-stacks as they come over the final hill. They arrive in Haradiin just as nightfall is about to set in.

Chap says ‘I want you boys to know that I’ve never had more than one elf on this here carriage, but I’m happy you three chose to come along… We’d be dead otherwise,’ he says with all seriousness. The party nods in agreement and favors the human and with a stiff handshake, as is their custom, wishing him safe travels on the journey back to Langseld.

(Completing the journey to Haradiin awards the Character’s 500XP and they ascend to level 2! Please refer to the Haradiin Town Map in the Maps section for further detail on the setting.)



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