Gnomish Cocktail

A cruder, less civilized version of Alchemist’s Fire, Gnomish Cocktails are improvised bombs filled with oil, flammable spirits, Krenshin Tar or some other volatile liquid. They are more clumsy than carefully crafted Alchemist Fire doses, but differs in the wave of explosive force they create. The cloth must be lit by a fire source such as a lit torch or tindertwig (move action). The user then targets a 2×2 square, remembering that those within 3×3 must succeed a Reflex Save: DC15 or be knocked prone (Evasion negates the need to make this test)

The device can then be thrown within three rounds of it’s activation (thrown attack, standard action) incurring a -4 penalty on the attack as it is an improvised weapon. The attacker must succeed a Touch Attack DC-10 to hit the square. Success means that those within the 2×2 square designated must make a Reflex Save: DC-15 or be knocked prone and catch fire. Succeeding the save means that the target takes half damage, is not knocked prone, and does not catch fire (Evasion applies as normal.)

Failure by 5 or more means the user releases the weapon but it explodes 10 ft. in front of him, knocking him prone unless he succeeds a Reflex Save: DC-15, and dealing damage to those within the determined 2×2 square as normal. A roll of ‘1’ indicates that the weapon explodes in the hand of the user, dealing damage to him and all others within the determined 2×2 square. The user is knocked prone and catches fire automatically, those within 3×3 test to not be knocked prone as normal.

Damage: 1d6+4, Thrown, Fire, Concussive

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Gnomish Cocktail

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